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Improving the indoor environment.

Concord Vac is a "Healthy Home Dealer". 


1) - More and more, we are aware of the environmental impact of the things that make our lives easier. Cars, airplanes, factories and other pollution makers. Vacuum cleaners are no exception. For years, we have been using poorly designed vacuum cleaners to help clean our homes, places of business and worship. Until just recently, the best vacuum cleaners actually exhausted a large percentage of what they picked up back into the air. With the use of air conditioning, we have "buttoned up" the air in our dwellings and actually made it worse every time we re-spread the dust and allergens to add to what we introduce into the dwelling with our every day coming and going.

No longer is that necessary. Some portable vacuum cleaners, and most central vacuum cleaners, actually remove the pollutants from the air we breathe.  For example, our line of Miele portable vacuum cleaners, with its class 12 H.E.P.A. filter, removes 100% of all particles as small as .07 microns.*  That's right---- all of the things that cause you and your family's allergies to react, such as dust mites, dust mite feces, roach feces, mold spores, etc., can be removed from the air each time you use your vacuum cleaner.  They are captured in the filter and when the filter is replaced, they are gone. Not all H.E.P.A. filters are the same. Most "cheap" vacuum cleaners use lower "class" filters that do not remove all of the irritants.

Our Modern Day Central Vacuum Systems offer the same benefit. By placing the power suction unit in the garage or basement, all of the particles picked up by the vacuum are transported out of the living space of the dwelling. Modern Day central units filter the exhaust air so well that they do not have to be vented to the outside of the dwelling, but can be vented outside if so desired. That's not so with most other brands. Most central vacuum power suction units emit a lot of the dust and pollutants back into the air, and must be vented using exhaust pipes. Venting the unit cuts down on the performance. Modern Day power units use Microgeometric "Hyperflow"** technology filter bags that eliminate the need to vent the exhaust outside.  Instead, you simply take the filter bag out of the power unit and replace it with a new bag once or twice a year.  That's it, you're done, and for about $4.00.

Both of these vacuum options are available at Concord Vacuum Center. Call or come by and let us show you the demo of how these  products,  can make your life so much better.

2) "Green" Carpet Cleaning is now available. Now "HOST" brand dry cleaning rental machines are certified as "Green Clean".  No longer do you have to wet your carpet and area rugs to clean them. The HOST dry cleaning system is available at Concord Vacuum Center. Machine rental is $19.95 / day (24 hours weekdays and 48 hours on Saturday). HOST cleaning sponges are $29:95 / box for the large size ( 6 Lbs or about 500 sq. ft. of carpeting)  or $39.95 for the jumbo size (12 Lbs or about 1,000 sq. ft. of carpeting) . For more informaton, call us at 704.795-1524 or visit the HOST website at


Also see "Central Vacuum" header on the main menu.

* based on in house data compiled by use of a laser particle counter placed at the exhaust of the unit.

** Hyperflow is a registered trademark of MD Mfg., Inc.



We can show you how clean the exhaust air is with this $2,500 laser particle counter. Wanna See?